Fast Sea Shipping DDP Rates from China to Amazon U.S.

- Mar.01, 2023 update

DDP Rates from China to Amazon FBA U.S. By Sea (Fast Ship), Mar.01,2023 updated.DDP Rates from China to Amazon FBA U.S. By Sea (Fast Ship), Mar.01,2023 updated.
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3 Types of Services: Fast Boat, Regular Boat, Slow Boat

  1. Fast boat shipping: 25 - 35 days, from factory to FBA. This service is only carried by Matson Express Guaranteed Service(CLX) for sea shipping part.
  2. Regular boat shipping: 35 - 45 days, from factory to FBA. Carried by Matson un-guaranteed service(CCX, CLX+) for sea shipping part.
  3. Slow boat shipping: over 45 days, from factory to FBA. Sea shipping carried by EMC, COSCO, OOCL.

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  • If your shipments are not ready, you need estimates, you can simply use above calculator template to work out live estimate quotes. It's not 100% accurate.  But enough for your numbers. We are working hard behind it to keep it up-to-date.
  • If your shipments and your FBA shipping labels are both ready, you can click here to download a shipping inquiry form from our website, fill up with as much information as you have, then send us. We usually quote back within 12 hrs. We  are on WhatsApp/WeChat/Mobile phone by this number: +86 159 2428 6660. You can also email us at with your information, if you find it difficult to fill forms. Thank you!