What are the benefits of buying products from 1688.com to sell on Amazon?

Published on Dec 27, 2023

Sourcing products from 1688.com to sell on Amazon can offer several benefits for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to enter the e-commerce market. Here are some benefits:

#1. Cost Savings

Products on 1688.com are often available at lower prices compared to other platforms, like Alibaba.com, which allows you get bigger profit, and offer more competitive pricing for your customers.

#2 Wide Product Selection

1688.com offers a vast array of products and suppliers, giving you the opportunity to diversify your product range on Amazon. 1688.com is the biggest source for China products, 10 times bigger than Alibaba.com. This also means you will have better chances to find unique or niche products on that have less competition on Amazon.

#3 Potential for Private Labeling

If you find manufacturers on 1688.com, you may have the option to engage in private labeling, allowing you to create your own brand and differentiate your products on Amazon. 

While there are benefits, sellers must also conduct do thorough research, ensure product quality, and comply with Amazon's policies and guidelines to build a successful and sustainable business. You may consider to use an agent like us to help.

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