What is FNSKU?

-11th April 2024

Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit (FNSKU) is an Amazon-unique term to describe barcodes used to track products and connect them to a seller. For those of you who are not familiar with it – FNSKUs are used during the fulfillment process.

The FNSKU number is used by all Amazon fulfillment centers to identify your products. It is exclusive for products that are fulfilled by Amazon FBA.
In short, Amazon uses FNSKU to track your products.

Why is FNSKU important?

Amazon uses FNSKU to print your product labels. This code serves a unique purpose for your product. You may be thinking – my product already has a barcode or UPC on it. Why do I need an FNSKU?

It’s simple. There is a huge chance that someone else is selling the same product as you are. If you both use the same UPC to send the same product, there is a significant chance that they end up together. So to avoid confusion, Amazon wants all sellers to include FNSKU on the shipping label of the product. This makes it easy to pair up every product to its corresponding seller.

Amazon suggests when a product needs an FNSKU. If it is not deemed by Amazon, FNSKU is simply matched with ASIN, and no additional label is required. It’s easier and less expensive

How to get an FNSKU?

Follow these simple steps mentioned below:

1. Set your product to FBA

2. Launch your product on Amazon

3. Once your product is in the catalog, >Amazon assigns a unique FNSKU to your product

4. Export the code (or barcode) generated by Amazon

5. Label your product with the FNSKU before you send it to the fulfillment center

To find the FNSKU generated by Amazon.

1. Go to ‘Manage FBA inventory’

2. Go to your product and click the drop-down menu to the right of the product

3. Select ‘Print Item Labels’

4. Choose Print labels and click ‘Ok’

5. Apply the new FNSKUs to your products

Note: This process might differ from private label sellers to retail arbitrage to wholesalers.
Once you have the FNSKU barcode label, you can give it to the manufacturer and ask them to include it in your product packaging by printing it or sticking it on.

Need other barcodes as well?

Barcodes are different from FNSKUs if you are an Amazon seller. The easiest way to understand this is like....
FNSKUs are Amazon-unique codes that are used to trace your products back to you, so you are held accountable for them.

Barcodes, on the other hand, are specific to products from the suppliers. These are used to track inventory during the entire fulfillment cycle