Ship To Amazon FBA US from China By Sea (Mason + Couriers)

Rates, time, how it works, inspection, how to calculate the freight costs...  With a FREE calculation template / calculator & video.

Hi it’s Jack again today I’m gonna share with you another way for shipping products from China to FPA US by Sea.

In above four-minute video of you will understand:

  1. how it works 
  2. how long it will take
  3. how much it would cost
  4. how to work out the freight cost by yourself.

OK here we go:

Because this service is provided by Matson for sea shipping and then carriers like UPS or FedEx for the US side delivery so let’s call it MC service (M stands for Mason, C stands for couriers).

How it works?

It works like this: your supplier send product to our China warehouse, we inspect, load and then ship the container to the port(China), then the container will be carried to Los Angeles port by Matson express boat, and then finally delivered by UPS or FedEx to your warehouse after they are cleared out of US customs.

How long does it take?

It takes one to three days from your factory to our house, then take two days for us to inspect and report to you, and then you approve, and then we load the container then takes another three days to the port(China); after two weeks on sea, reach US port and then one or two weeks from US port to FBA warehouse.

So it’s basically 1 week from your factory to the container load, 2 weeks on sea, and then another one or two weeks for the US delivery and customs.  Total 4-6 weeks when everything goes smooth. 

How much does it cost?

If you’re on our website, (AMZ stands for Amazon). on our homepage you’ll find this service. you can click on the service page to get details or you can download it directly from the link on our homepage.

OK here it goes, you can see MC service sea shipping DDP rates.

In this service is divides US into 3 parts: US West, US middle, and US east. For different rates, you can check all the rates here. this rate already include 10% random inspection.

*this is only a applicable to regular sizes like the Kgs should be no more than 22, and other rules you can sea later.

*this is not applicable for wooden or bamboo or over-40%-tax-rate products, products with batteries. you can contact us to confirm.

*less than 12 Kgs per box are charged for 12 KG.

How to calculate costs on your own?

so, there’s a calculator in which you can just replace the box dimensions and weight. Then you have the total billable Kgs:

for example, 120 kg if you ship to US west is this much (188USD), in the middle is this much (206USD), and the east is this much (225USD).

OK that’s all for today and we are available by this WhatsApp or WeChat mobile number (+86 159 2428 6660)and this email (

this is Excel, there are formulas inside to calculate all the costs, if you mess up this formulas, no worries, just delete it and then download it from our side again. (You can also download by clicking picture below.)

thank you very much for watching. I hope to see you soon:))

Mar.30, 2021 Update: We Offer Live Rates Now!

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