Ship from China to Amazon FBA Australia

  • Time & Rates
  • How to get freight estimates?
  • How to get quotes?
  • What about insurance, inspection, bundling...?

Rates, Time, Estimates:

Shipping rates are usually based on DDP or DDU terms. It's different from shipping by sea or shipping by air. Even shipping by air, the rates are also different for different types of services.

Shipping time can be from 6 days to 60 days under different situations.

*Below is an embedded excel template for getting live estimates for different types of services with different time, with insurance and inspection services included:

How to get a quote?

  • If your shipments are not ready, you need estimates, you can simply use above calculator template to work out live estimate quotes. It's not 100% accurate.  But enough for your numbers. We are working hard behind it to keep it up-to-date.
  • If your shipments and your FBA shipping labels are both ready, you can click here to download a shipping inquiry form from our website, fill up with as much information as you have, then send us. We usually quote back within 12 hrs. We  are on WhatsApp/WeChat/Mobile phone by this number: +86 159 2428 6660. You can also email us at 

What about insurance, inspection, and other may-need-services? 

Our rate include insurance and FBA inspection services automatically. You can take it as free inspection. If you don't want insurance or inspection, we recommend you have them, for the value they bring.

For other services like kitting / bundling, labelling, packing, private labelling, simple photography... contact us, we should also be able to help. Contact us, we love to hearing from you.